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DDL full form:- Data Definition Language

Welcome guys in the DDL full form article. If you want to know about DDL full form. Or you are searching what is the DDL full form?

Then this is the correct article for you where you get complete knowledge about the DDL. That is DDL full form, DDL command, working and lots of things about the DDL.

In this article, we will discuss the DDL and its functionality. So if you really want to gain knowledge, you must read this article till the end. Because every line may be helpful for you.

DDL full form or what is full form of DDL?

DDL stands for Data Definition Language or the DDL full form is Data Definition Language. The DDL is an SQL command which enables you to perform lots of work with your Database.

As we know that Database is the backbone of any type of software like Andriod Apps, Desktop Based Software both online and offline or it maybe Web Applications.

Almost all software needs the database to collect the data. And DDL commands are the most useful command for the Database.

To read more about the DDL, you should know about SQL.

What is SQL?

What is sql full form
What is SQL

SQL stands for Structured Query Language used to designing and development of the database. This is the most famous database language because it is simple, fast, and secure.

The SQL is a command base language like MS-DOS. So every work has been done in SQL with the help of Commands.

It has mainly five types of commands, they are as follows:

  • DDL
  • DML
  • DQL
  • DCL
  • TCL

Now, let us discuss the DDL.

What is DDL?

As we know that the DDL full form is Data Definition Language. The work of DDL is cleared to its name, It defines the database.

The DDL is used to perform lots of work in the database and its object. The work is creation, dropping, altering, commenting, renaming the database and its objects such as a table, index, etc..

DDL is used basically to changing the structure of the database objects. It has lots of commands which enable us to perform the task related to the structure of the database.

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What is the SQL Full Form?

What are DDL Commands:

DDL commands
DDL commands

DDL commands are the command or statements which enable us to complete the task related to creating, dropping, altering, renaming the database objects.

All the commands that come under DDL are auto-committed, which means all the changes or modifications with the database are automatically saved. So not need any special command for the committed the changes into the database.

It has mainly 6 types of commands, each command perform a specific task. They are as follows:

  2. DROP
  3. ALTER

Note: The SQL commands are not case sensitive. You can write the command in both capital and small letters. But we recommend writing all the DDL or SQL commands in capital letters.

1) CREATE Command:

The CREATE command is used to create database objects such a database, tables, views, index, trigger, etc.

Syntax to CREATE te table in SQL database:

CREATE TABLE tableName (

columnName1     dataTypes(size),

columnName2     dataTypes(size),

columnName3     dataTypes(size) ,



Where the columnName is the name of the column of the table, And dataTypes are the types of data that are the column can store. The size is the length of the data held by the column.

2) DROP Command:-

This command is useful when the user wants to drop the database or its objects such as a table, column, index, etc. With this command, all the data are deleted from the database or database object when it executes.

Syntax of the DROP command to drop the database objects:

DROP OBJECT objectName;


DROP TABLE tableName;

3) ALTER Command:-

The ALTER command is used to change or modify the database objects. We can use this command to add a new column, delete exiting the column, modify the column into the database table.

This command is also useful when the user wants to delete or add the constraints such as Primary Key, Unique Key, NULL, etc on the database table.

Here syntax of AlTER command for different-different tasks.

The syntax of ALTER command for adding a new column into the table.

ALTER TABLE tableName ADD columnName datatype(size);

The syntax of ALTER command for removing an existing column from the table.

ALTER TABLE tableName DROP COLUMN columnName;

4)TRUNCATE Command:-

The TRUNCATE command is widely used in SQL. This command offers to delete or empty all data from the database objects.

The ALTER command deletes only the data it does not delete the structure of the database objects (table, index, etc).

We can also use the DROP command to delete the data but the DROP command removes the table structure from the database.

Syntax of TRUNCATE command in SQL:




5) COMMENT Command in SQL:

The COMMENT command is used to add the comment into the database and its objects such as a table, index, etc.

6) RENAME Command in SQL:

The RENAME command is used to renaming the existing database table. By using this command you can set a new name for your existing table name.

Syntax of RENAME command in SQL:

RENAME TABLE OldTableName TO NewTableName;

Why we use the DDL Commands?

As we know that the DDL full form is Data Definition Language. And we also know DDL is a part of SQL commands.

But we don’t know why we use the DDL commands. So below the list of reasons are written which provides a better understanding of using DDL commands.

  • It is used to create the database and its object like a table, index, etc.
  • We can use DDL commands to change or modify the structure of the database object.
  • The DDL commands allow us to drop or delete the structure of the database objects.
  • It also allows us to delete or empty the database table.
  • DDL command allows the renaming of the database objects.
  • This commands also provide the various command to add, remove, modify the column of the table.

FAQs for DDL full form:-

Below the possible FAQs. Which help you to get strong knowledge about the DDL.

DDL full form in Computer?

In computer DDL full form is Data Definition Language, but its full form is may be different at different places.

What does the DDL full form in banking?

DDL full form in banking is Daily Dollar Limit. You don’t confuse for DDL full form, because it is an abbreviation word so different places its meaning is change.

DDL full form in SQL?

The DDL full form in SQL is also Data Definition language. DDL is a part of SQL commands.

What is DDL full form in Oracle?

Oracle is a Software Company that provides various types of Software in the markets. It also provides the database. In Oracle, the DDL full form is also Data Definition Language.

What are DDL commands?

The DDL has various commands they are as follows:

  • CREATE command
  • DROP command
  • ALTER command
  • TRUNCATE command
  • COMMENT command
  • RENAME command


I hope guys, after reading this article you have got lots of knowledge about the DDL and its command. Because we have tried to write our best.

If you have any queries or questions about the DDL full form and DDL commands. You must write your queries in the comment box. We will try to answer all questions about the DDL.

So finally thank you for reading this article.

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